Versatility in Play

In the realm of Muga’s, our expertise goes beyond conventional sports facility construction. With a dedicated team of professionals, we create Multi-Use Games Areas that cater to a spectrum of sports and activities. Whether it’s basketball, netball, or other recreational pursuits, our Muga’s are meticulously designed to offer a versatile space that adapts to diverse user needs. Guided by experienced architects and skilled installers, we prioritise not only the construction of Muga’s but the creation of dynamic spaces that foster community engagement and promote active living.


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Multi-Sport Adaptability

Quality Excellence

Our commitment to delivering exceptional quality extends to Multi-Use Games Areas (Muga’s) at Ashford Contract Services. We understand that creating versatile sports and recreational spaces should not only meet high standards but also be economically feasible.

Transparent cost structures ensure that each Muga’s project benefits from an individualised and cost-effective approach. Our dedication to excellence in Muga’s construction reflects our commitment to making premium sports and recreational facilities accessible to a diverse clientele without compromising quality.

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